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Lyprinol New Zealand

Lyprinol® Advanced ESPO-572®

Lyprinol® Advanced ESPO-572®

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Lyprinol® Advanced is a “next generation” marine-lipid oil, supplement. 

  • Assists both joint mobility and joint function
  • Helps maintain healthy airways and breathing passages
  • Is rich in unique omega 3s essential for healthy wellbeing
  • Over 90 essential fatty and furan acids (fish oil contains only 3 to 5)
  • Supports normal cell membrane function
  • Each standard pack contains 50 soft gel capsules

Lyprinol® Advanced offers an advanced approach to supporting healthy joints, mobility and breathing passages through support of the body’s lipoxygenase (LOX) pathways. This proprietary blend contains over 90 naturally occurring fatty acid components, anti-oxidants and high levels of phospholipids. 

Lyprinol® Advanced works by helping to manage the levels of compounds known as leukotrienes so that they are maintained at the minimum healthy level. Low levels of leukotrienes are important for healthy joints, mobility and airways.

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Why choose Lyprinol® Advanced?

Lyprinol® is a renowned global dietary supplement with a large international customer base and an established safety profile. With over 20 published scientific studies it is recommended by doctors and health professionals around the world.

Lyprinol® Advanced ESPO-572® is a patent-protected nutritional dietary supplement. This patent covers the synergistic action that occurs when the unique fatty acids from Perna canaliculus and the phospholipid rich oil from Euphausia superba are combined.

Lyprinol® Advanced’s ingredients are sourced, extracted and blended in New Zealand using unique IP and patent-protected processes. There are absolutely no identical products available.

Lyprinol® Advanced works in part, by helping to manage the levels of compounds known as leukotrienes so that they are maintained at the minimum healthy level. Low levels of leukotrienes are important for healthy joints, mobility and airways.

Lyprinol® Advanced offers an advanced approach to supporting healthy joints, mobility and breathing passages through support of the body’s lipoxygenase (LOX) pathways.

Lyprinol® Advanced is extracted using unique processes which yield a pure oil free from heavy metals and other contaminants.

How is Lyprinol® Advanced different to Lyprinol®?

Lyprinol® Advanced is a blend of PCSO-524® and an enriched phospholipid oil extract from Euphausia superba.

Lyprinol® Advanced’s key ingredients exhibit synergistic activity and this activity is protected by the international patent.

Why is Lyprinol® Advanced different and unique?

Lyprinol Advanced is a “next generation” marine-lipid oil, supplement. The discovery of the synergistic action, between the lipid fractions of Perna canaliculs and the phospholipid rich oil of Euphausia superba, is an exciting development in nutritional health.

Early trials on powdered preparations were ineffective or inconclusive due to the inherent instability of the lipid fractions (the active compounds) contained in New Zealand’s Perna canaliculus. Lyprinol® Advanced represents a significant advancement on this natural, stabilised and active lipid oil extract.

Lyprinol® Advanced is a natural, standardised extract of New Zealand’s Perna canaliculus combined with an extract from Euphausia superba. It contains a unique combination of predominantly free fatty acids, a high concentration of phosolipids, anti-oxidants, sterol esters,lipids, carotenoids, OTA, ETA, EPA, and DHA Omega-3s. It contains more than 90 fatty acid components including furan acid.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Lyprinol® Advanced’s marine lipids are protected using gentle and unique patented processes and other marine extraction methods that prevent oxidation and leave no chemical residue.

Want to learn more? Check out the FAQ or Learn Pages.

What benefits should I expect from Lyprinol® and Lyprinol® Advanced?

We regularly receive comments such as:

  • I can move more freely and chores around the home are easier
  • My joints have stopped complaining
  • I am able to do more activity than before
  • My breathing stays normal when I go walking
  • I can now move freely the day after a huge slog in the garden
  • After heavy exercise sessions I seem to have less discomfort
  • My doctor is impressed with my progress
  • I have tried many supplements but am grateful I finally found Lyprinol®
  • I have referred this product to many friends and family members
  • My doctor recommended I try Lyprinol®

Want to learn more? Check out the FAQ or Learn Pages.


  • Adults: Initially take 4 capsules per day, for approximately 2-4 weeks or until satisfactory results are achieved; after which time the intake may be reduced to 1-2 capsules per day for ongoing care. The daily number of capsules needed to obtain maximum effect can vary for each individual.
  • Children: 2 years and over 1 capsule a day or as professionally prescribe


  • Those with marine oil allergies should seek advice from their healthcare professional before taking Lyprinol® Advanced.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women and parents of children under 2 years of age should always consult their healthcare professional before taking or dispensing any supplements
  • Supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet. Use only as directed and if symptoms persist, see your health professional

Warning: Be careful of misleading information in competing products claiming to contain Lyprinol® PCSO-524®. Absolutely no other product contains the same active ingredients as Lyprinol® as no other company is able to use the same extraction processes used. We own the only cold extraction plant and any copycat product is extracted by solvent extraction which uses heat; this effectively renders the oil inactive. Competing companies may attempt to market their products by associating them with Lyprinol® and therefore implying that Lyprinol® research is applicable to their product. This claim of efficacy by association is misleading.

Safety Aspects

Fish and shellfish can be polluted by heavy metals and toxins. Therefore, dietary recommendations for increasing the amount of fish consumed are sometimes regarded critically. Any pollutants that might be in the lipid extract in PCSO-524® are eliminated through the patented super critical CO2 extraction. Because no heat is involved no polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons occur and there is no damage to the oil. Furthermore, the mussel cultivation, harvesting and processing are supervised by New Zealand’s Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF). The water quality where the mussels grow is checked continuously.


Per capsule:

  • Marine-lipid oil extract, from Perna canaliculus 37.5mg.
  • Concentrated phospholipid oil extract, from Euphausia superba 12.5mg.
  • Natural mono-unsaturated olive oil, 100mg.
  • Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol) as antioxidant 0.225mg.
  • Capsule shell contains gelatin and glycerin.
  • 100% Natural

    Extracted from the NZ Green Lipped Mussel in Nelson, New Zealand

  • Supports joints, lungs, heart, mobility & skin health

    Lyprinol® has a unique combination of omega 3 fatty acids, which have repeatedly been shown to promote, joint health and mobility, heart health, natural breathing and improve overall well-being

  • Made in New Zealand

    Lyprinol® New Zealand is 100% New Zealand sourced, made, owned and operated

  • 91 essential fatty acids

    Lyprinol® is rich in essential fatty acids and due to our IP and unique extraction processes contain the highest concentration of Omega 3s of any product on the market

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Super-charged omega 3 bioavailability with Lyprinol Advanced®

In 2017, New Zealand scientists discovered that by integrating Lyprinol® with Euphausia superba (a unique extract from krill) synergised  Lyprinol®’s activity increasing absorption into the cells.  This enhanced absorption improves the  bio-availability of Lyprinol® resulting in more health support.

This discovery lead to the launch of a new and better Lyprinol®,  Lyprinol® Advanced, a synergised marine lipid oil offering advanced joint, mobility and overall health support. In 2020 another Mickleborough study demonstrated that Lyprinol® Advanced was effective in improving recovery after strenuous physical activity.

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