• 100% natural & safe

    Extracted from the NZ Green Lipped Mussel in Nelson, New Zealand

  • Supports joints, lungs, heart, mobility & skin health

    Lyprinol® has a unique combination of omega 3 fatty acids, which have been repeatedly been shown to promote joint health and mobility, heart health, natural breathing and improve overall well-being

  • Made in New Zealand

    Lyprinol® New Zealand is 100% New Zealand sourced, made, owned and operated

  • 91 essential fatty acids

    Lyprinol is rich in essential fatty acids and due to our IP and unique extraction processes contain the highest concentration of Omega 3s of any product on the market

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How can Lyprinol® help me?

The essential fatty acids in Lyprinol® can help you make the most of your life! Essential fatty acids are critical to living a healthy life; they provide support for your joints, lungs, heart, skin and help with mobility, resulting in a more active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Lyprinol®is very rich in essential fatty acids with over 91! Fish oil contain only 3 - 5.

What makes Lyprinol® different?

Lyprinol® is totally natural and safe, and is sourced only from the NZ Green lipped mussel in Nelson, New Zealand.  The lack of side effects in Lyprinol® is a striking contrast to some modern medications. 

Several studies including the OTC Study lead by Dr  M.W. Whitehouse, the Hertz Study conducted by Neils Hertz, M.D., and the Allergy and Immunology Study, provide evidence that Lyprinol® does not cause  the gastrointestinal side effects caused by other products  and uses an entirely different all-natural mechanism to be an effective dietary supplement for joints, mobility, heart and general health.

Lyprinol® helps the body to maintain its natural balance through a revolutionary and natural mechanism thus minimising health issues.

Lyprinol® has a unique combination of omega 3 fatty acids, which have been shown to promote heart health and improve overall well-being. According to several scientific studies, Lyprinol® has been shown to be an acceptable alternative to manufactured medications used for general good health.

How does Lyprinol® work?

Lyprinol® supports your body by providing dietary elements lacking in our diet. Mussels are filter feeders and their primary food source is plankton which is the starting point of our food chain.

During the Lyprinol® manufacturing process the essential elements are extracted and naturally converted into a concentrated oil, rich in omega 3’s. This has been scientifically demonstrated by Professor Timothy Mickleborough, Atlanta University. The oil is an incredibly complex natural product that after years of study and attempts scientists have been unable to replicate it in a laboratory. This oil is rich in essential fatty acids and has the most omega 3’s of any product on the market; up to 91 have been identified. These all work together to support your body’s health in many ways.

Scientific Studies

Lyprinol® is a patented highly-purified marine-oil extracted from the New Zealand green lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus), which has been proven to be effective in supporting a range of physiological functions.  Research on Lyprinol® began in 1973 and now there are over 30 published scientific, international studies that endorse it’s effectiveness as an alternative.  Today it is used in many countries around the world (+50) to help normalize daily life and help with daily health associated activities.

Scientists around the world, who are interested in natural health, have been studying Lyprinol® for decades.  In recent years Professor Timothy Mickleborough, HOD, Indiana University, USA, who has completed in the Olympic Games as a triathlete, has been intrigued  with Lyprinol®.  He has published a number of significant papers which demonstrate its effectiveness in supporting professional athletes and as well as weekend warriors.

 Lyprinol® studies are available for health professionals and should yours wish view them we can send them a link for their perusal. 

Is Lyprinol® for me?

 Lyprinol® helps the body to keep in balance,  through a revolutionary natural mechanism, thus promoting a normal and healthy daily life.

Lyprinol® has a unique combination of omega 3 fatty acids, which have been shown to promote, joint health and mobility,  heart health and improve overall well-being. According to several scientific studies, Lyprinol® has been shown to be an effective alternative to synthetic alternatives.

Lyprinol® may help support and normalize:

  • Joint issues
  • Unhappy joints
  • Mobility discomfort
  • Joint flexibility
  • Bronchial stress
  • Reduced DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness)  after exercise
  • Cardiovascular health

Associated benefits:

  • Improved joint health and mobility
  • Better respiratory health
  • Supported Cardiovascular health (contains omega 3)
  • Skin health enhancement
  • Improved coronary heart health (benefit of omega 3)
  • Healthy cholesterol, HDL, and triglyceride levels
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