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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lyprinol® contain Sorbitol?

Lyprinol® Advanced does contain Sorbitol but it is less than 3% of the total capsule weight. Lyprinol® does not contain any Sorbitol

Does Lyprinol® contain gelatin?

Yes both Lyprinol® and Lyprinol® Advanced capsules contain gelatin.

Is Lyprinol® safe for pets?

Lyprinol® has not been tested on Animals and is manufactured for human consumption. The key ingredient PCSO-524 is used in an animal specific product called Antinol. This is manufactured under MPI protocols for animal consumption.

If I have a shellfish allergy will I have an allergic reaction to Lyprinol®?

The capsule does not contain any shellfish protein and we have had no reported allergic reactions to date but if unsure always check with your healthcare provider.

Do you ship Lyprinol® internationally?

We do not ship internationally, we are only able to provide our product to New Zealand.

What are the white spots in my Lyprinol® capsules?

PCSO-524® is a supercritically extracted mussel oil and the active ingredient in Lyprinol®. It is a complex natural mixture of lipids including sterols, esters, triglycerides and free fatty acids. This mix of lipids is effective in delivering the products proven anti-inflammatory benefits. Some of the natural lipid fractions have melting points that mean they are best characterised as waxes. These components readily form crystals within the other oil fractions, even at moderate ambient temperatures. Due to natural lipid variations, it is common for these crystals to be visible in some of the capsules. These waxes are an integral and normal part of the complex PCSO-524® ingredient and observing them as crystals in the oil in no way detracts from the quality and efficacy of the product.